The heart of Alam Kita

At the Alam Kita estate is, according to the stories, the oldest stone house of Karimunjawa! Now completely renovated and a beautiful outdoor kitchen in the same style built next to it. This house is the beating heart of Alam Kita. It is the public space to eat, drink or just catch up. Inspirational workshops are given here. And close to the kitchen a large table for those who want to eat together. Would you prefer to eat privately on the porch of your own bungalow? Of course you can. There are plans to open an Alam Kita coffee shop in the near future to serve honest and delicious coffee that is sustainable and produced in Central Java, Indonesia!

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The Pendopo
The outdoor place for yoga classes and meditation sessions, a traditional open Javanese building. This is positioned close to the beach for the most optimal experience of all natural elements such as wind, sea and surf so that all senses are caressed.

The traditional Javanese wooden bungalows for two people all have an (outside) bathroom so you can watch the beautiful starry sky under the shower. There is also a bridal suite with four-poster bed and wooden bath! We also provide an accommodation for example a family or 4 friends. In total Alam Kita concerns a maximum capacity of 20 people, small-scale, so that it stays cozy.

Alam Kita is located directly on the beach where a jetty will be built for the construction of boats that regularly make a beautiful snorkeling and island tour. There is opportunity on the beach to relax and enjoy the sunset. From the beach you walk directly into the sea where you can admire a beautiful underwater world! Besides the living coral you can see rays, moray eels, parrotfish, clown fish, sea cucumbers, crabs, shrimps and countless other tropical fish in all kinds of colors.

Serene space
Close to the house is a serene space for receiving an Indonesian massage (pijit), a treatment of Acces Bars® or healing-related treatments.

Alam Kita will be self-sufficient in the future for electricity by solar panels. Sun is enough in Indonesia! The bungalows all have hot water supply.


Karimunjawa is a gem in the Java Sea that has not yet been discovered by many tourists. On this island you can still enjoy the natural surroundings, pearly white beaches, clear blue ocean, colorful fish and beautiful coral.

Karimunjawa is a small archipelago 80 km north of Jepara, Indonesia. Only seven of the islands are inhabited. Around the islands are beautiful reefs for diving and snorkeling, varying from 15 to 40 meters deep. In addition to the beautiful underwater world Karimunjawa is rich in beautiful authentic landscapes, pearly white beaches, mangrove forests, rainforest and many animals both in the sea and on land. Snorkeling and diving is a great experience in the National Park Karimunjawa, with many coral and tropical fish . With a little luck you will see water turtles and even dolphins! Karimunjawa is 110,000 hectares. The park is named after the largest island of Karimun Jawa.

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How can you reach Karimunjawa?

Karimunjawa is accessible by boat or by plane.  There is a fast boat from Jepara that takes about 2 hours and a ferry that takes about 4.5 hours to cross the sea. There are flights 3 times a week from Semerang, it will take not more than half an hour. Sometimes the flight schedules changes, so please stay in contact with us about the flight schedule.

Do you need help? Do not hesitate to contact Alam Kita!

Fastboat Jepara – Karimunjawa 
Monday – Sunday
Between 9.00 and 12.00 AM

Ferry Jepara – Karimunjawa
Monday 7.00
Wednesday 7.00
Friday 7.00
Saturday 7.00

Plane Semarang  – Karimunjawa
Friday, Sunday, Monday 11.20

Fastboat Karimunjawa – Jepara
Monday – Sunday
Between 07.00 and 12.00 AM

Ferry Karimunjawa – Jepara
Tuesday 7.00
Thursday 7.00
Friday 12.30
Sunday 7.00

Plane Karimunjawa – Semarang
Friday, Sunday, Monday 12.10