Margo Niestadt, initiator of Alam Kita

My dream becomes reality to build a place for retreats on this beautiful island of Karimunjawa! A paradisiacal island in an oasis of peace where you can come all the way to yourself without all the stimuli of daily life. When I first came to Karimunjawa (January 2016), I immediately got the idea to start something like Alam Kita here.
I am very happy when I see people relaxing on the spot, find themselves again and get the glint back in their eyes …

Alam Kita provides a place for people to reconnect with themselves. An immersion in love and care from me and the people I work with. ‘Meaning’ and ‘Relaxation’ are achieved through various programs and activities in the field of yoga, meditation, massages and healing related treatments.

I really like working with Indonesian colleagues; the fact that after 20 years I still speak their language, know the culture and understand how management works in the best way, makes me work with pleasure in Indonesia. In a short time I have been able to develop a large network on Karimunjawa. Not only with the local people but also with foreigners who have already started their business on Karimunjawa.