Yoga, Meditatie, NLP en Bodywork

16th august 2020 – 24th august 2020

€ 1.250,– (8 days, 7 nights, excl. flight and transfer)
Early Bird discount € 100,- until 1th april 2020)

Out of your Head, Into your Heart (plus)

The distance from head to heart is only 45 cm! The journey often takes a bit longer …

In this retreat you make the journey from your head to your heart. You let go of the identification with your thoughts and emotions, which brings you more into connection with your inner core and intuition.

Out of your mind, In your heart is about learning to detach, meet and unbutton yourself. Recognize, acknowledge and release patterns in contact with yourself, the other and the group.

In a unique triptych, the connection is made between Bodywork, Yoga, Meditation, Systemic Work and NLP.

You gain insight into your deeper beliefs and patterns. Unprocessed situations and conflicts from the past are stored in your system and often underlie your current behavior.

Through Systemic and Bodywork you gain insight into:

  • Patterns from which your behavior originated.
  • Beliefs that play a role.
  • Connection of behavioral patterns with the system where you end up. Parents’ house, House of origin.

Together we make a journey through the built-up layers of our personality to our inner core.

Do not Become who you Think you Are, but Be who you really Are.

By breaking free from identification with ego and thoughts you experience that everything is already good. You are no longer dependent on external factors, other people and circumstances. You take control of your own life and let your intuition guide you.

It is a unique opportunity to book this triptych now as an 8-day retreat in Indonesia.

And you can combine this three-day trip with a trip through Java, Bali or with an additional period of reflection for yourself at Alam Kita, the place where this retreat takes place.

In this 8-day there is, in addition to the triptych, enough room to relax body and mind in other ways:

  • Yoga and meditation every morning
  • A traditional Indonesian massage
  • Access Consciousness® Bars consult
  • A snorkel and “blue lagoon” island tour
  • Enough time to laze around in a hammock
  • Possibility for a personal coaching conversation
  • Meditation in Motion dance evening

This Retreat is supervised by Herman Korfage from the Academy of Psychologica and Monique van der Heijden from MoYoki

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