Spiritual Christmas & New Year Yoga Retreat

Date: December 24, 2020 – January 2, 2021

10 days € 1.150,-
Excluding flight and transvers, including bungalow (2-persons), food and non alcoholic drinks

You only can ‘letting go’ if you know what you are holding tight

  • Longing for a change?
  • Need a new beginning
  • Looking for new inspiration?

Are you wrestling with those questions? For us here at Alam Kita, this all motivates us to help and guide you to find the right path to the discovery of your ultimate dream. Here at Alam Kita we embrace the Old and the New. Nothing has to go; everything is ALL right. It is all you, the unique one.

December and January are magical months. For one person this means warmth, togetherness, sharing and love, for the other loneliness, withdrawal and sadness. It is usually a period of “standing still” and reflecting on all what happened in the past year. The difficult, challenging and painful moments, but for sure also the success, the joy and sparkle that you have felt.

Everything in our lives is subject to change and as human beings we are constantly moving from one to the other. We breathe in the new and let go of the old. And sometimes knots are created somewhere along the way and we put on masks. With other people, in situations, but also through beliefs and habitual patterns. We forget to listen to our inner truth. However, there is always a new beginning, every moment again!

We offer you a beautiful reflection program with yoga, meditation, heartcollage, consultings from the heart, NLP and bodywork to find your new purpose in life!

Good intentions or rather “Intentions” help you to manifest what would make you feel better, more aligned with yourself. During this retreat you will make more space for those desires and you will practice the art of living. You learn to distinguish what is serving you and what no longer fits you. Themes that may play a role in your life :

  • Nutrition and eating patterns
  • Relational issues
  • Friendships
  • Worry and unburden
  • More quality in your life
  • Stress-related complaints (burn-out)
  • New love

 Whatever your intention is, may it become a desire of your heart?

During this retreat at Alam Kita, you are encouraged to reach out and to feel inspired to discover whom you really are and what are your deepest desires.

This Spiritual Retreat Week is a combination of daily yoga practice, guided meditations, workshops*, individual coaching, healing, massage, relaxation, rest and excursions. *stargazing, excursion waterfall, making a heart collage

It is possible to supplement this retreat with a cultural tour of 4 days. You can spend those days in and around Yogyakarta. A fascinating city with a lot of culture. A “must do” is a trip to the Borobudur Buddhist temple and the Prambanan Hindu temple. Also recommended is to start with a bike ride through the rice fields and the
kampungs in the vicinity of these temples.

Monique van der Heijden
Monique is an experienced trainer/coach bodywork and yoga, dance and meditation teacher. She accompanies this retreat every morning to an Easy Flow yoga and meditation. Her teachings are focused on your inner flow, change and a new beginning.  Her workshops invites you to Be who you really are, beyond the masks, (old) pain buttons and pieces. Every afternoon you can participate in a inspiring bodywork workshop. Monique intuitively feels what is needed at the moment.

Margo Niestadt
Margo is an open, energetic and loving coach who knows how to mirror you through her questions and techniques and who can quickly bring out the core of things in you. Always in a respectful and inviting way. During this retreat you will receive two personal coaching sessions with Margo, during which she will get clear with you what is needed for a new beginning. Through these coaching sessions you can get a lot of insights about where your passion / love is and also where there are any obstacles / blockages. Margo feels intuitively what is needed and uses a diversity of tools.

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