Alam Kita Co-Creators

Alam Kita works together with various partners, with the goal to co-create a great company together. Setting it up in a sustainable way, by combining our strengths which complement one and another perfectly. This way Margo Niestadt tries to make the world a little more beautiful.

Monique van der Heijden

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Liesbeth Slooijer

Liesbeth is a copywriter and takes care of the Alam Kita social media. Her mission is to make people aware of the essence of life, based on authenticity, focussing on the things that really matter. Looking for the story that can’t wait to be told. Currently, Liesbeth is training to become a trainer/coach at Phoenix courses. As someone with an inquiring mind and a sixth sense for presence feelings, she is an incredible asset to our team with a lot to offer. 

Website Kernpracht

Moniek Bos

Moniek Bos is a travel adviser at Travel Counselors. For Alam Kita guests, she is available to arrange trips from A to Z. From the tickets to Jakarta to hotel stays, internal flights, and the boat trip to Karimunjawa. If you need to book your trip or add something extra like a tour or motorbike rental, she is the woman to talk to.

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Diana Bergsma

Diana is the owner of Spiritual Holiday Travel. Are you looking for an inspiring journey? At Diana travel agency, you choose original and small-scale reflection trips. With Spiritual Vacation Travel you travel in a special way. Personal and spiritual development combined with fantastic journeys in which you can relax, unwind, become more aware of who you are and what choices you can make. Relax, choose quality, and attractive accommodations.

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Diana Bergsma

Diana is the owner of Business Coaching Travel. They offer different kind of coaching and training in regards of burn-out and recovery, leadership, development of your career and Outplacement. Alam Kita has a close partnership with Diana about these topics and with success! Please have a look at her website (Dutch language) to find all the, tailor made, possibility’s she offers. 

Bookings for Alam Kita for those packages only via her website.

Website Travel Counsellors

Stef Schoolderman

Stef is a travel organizer, spiritual trainer, and Source coach. The Source organizes spiritual journeys to Java and Bali Indonesia and offers retreat programs that inspire you on your inner journey. Programs that touch Heart and Soul. The Source helps to realize wishes and to make a re-connection with the SOURCE.

Website The Source

Mary Fontaine

Mary is an artist and guides people in, as she calls is, the ‘Loss & Grief’ process. She calls herself a “Death & Life Artist” because she finds it important to give life and all the feelings associated with it, space in life. For Mary, it’s an art to accept the unacceptable in life, so life remains livable. Together with Margo Niestadt, she hosts the retreat week ‘Loss & Grief’.

Monique Vork

Monique is a medium and besides individual consultations, she also gives courses in Inter Alia intuitive development and mediumship. She established a platform for spiritual entrepreneurs in the Netherlands to publish their activities. Furthermore, she intended to support Spiritual Workers in the Netherlands, a platform that offers inspiration to people who work as lightworkers, mediums, and other occupations in the field of consciousness and spirituality.

Website Monique Vork

Marian Verschuren

Marian Verschuren is a coach, therapist, and trainer. In her practice in Haarlem, based on the ideas of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integrative psychotherapy, bodywork, and Ericksonian hypnotherapy, she guides people who seek to recover their inner compass. Marian also organizes personalized trips (or better know as journeys) in which she invites people to connect head and heart in a playful, adventurous, relaxing, and experience-oriented way. With this, she combines two important passions in her life: traveling and guiding people to find their inner compass again.

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