Alam Kita: our nature

According to stories, Alam Kita has the oldest stone house in Karimunjawa. Currently completely renovated inclusive with a beautiful outdoor kitchen in the same style as the original house. This house is the beating heart of Alam Kita, it’s the public space to eat, drink, or just catch up. Some workshops are also hosted over here at the big wooden table if there aren’t group dinners going on. 

The Pendopo

Our outdoor space for yoga classes and meditation sessions, a traditional open Javanese building. Positioned close to the beach for the most optimal experience of the natural elements such as wind, sea, and the sound of the waves.


Our traditional Javanese wooden bungalows are designed for two people all have an (outside) bathroom so you can watch the beautiful starry sky while taking a shower. The bungalows are decided to be a serene and private space, so if you want to take a moment for yourself after a workshop or just to relax because you feel like it, this is space if perfect. Take your dinner on the porch, read a book, and enjoy a calming shower. Our rooms are comfortable with a fan, hot shower, great beds, and a beautiful natural design. Not only aesthetically nice but also well designed so natural elements like the wind can come through. Alam Kita’s bungalows together can hold a maximal of 20 people, it’s small-scale so our property never gets overcrowded. One of our bungalows is our bridal suite, an extra special place with a four-poster bed and a wooden bathtub.

The goal is to make Alam Kita electronic self-sufficient in the future by solar panels. Plenty of sun in Indonesia!


Alam Kita is located directly on the beach and this is truly the piece that makes our property complete. It gives our guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunset without running into other people. Besides that, you have the luxury of being able to walk straight into the sea and explore the beautiful reef in front of Alam Kita with its beautiful fishes and other creatures. If you are lucky you will see Rays, Moray Eels, Parrotfish, Clownfish, Sea cucumbers, Crabs, and more. 

Serene space

Close to the house is a serene space where our guests can really forget about all their thoughts while enjoying an Indonesian massage (pijit), a treatment of Acces Bars®, or healing-related treatments.

How can you reach Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa is a gem in the Java Sea that has not yet been discovered by many tourists. On this island, you can still enjoy the natural surroundings, white beaches, clear blue waters, colorful fish, and beautiful coral…

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