Alam Kita | Re-balancing the senses

Resort on Karimunjawa island, Java, Indonesia
Yoga Meditation Retreats

Alam Kita is a calming power place on the authentic island of Karimunjawa. A gem in the Java Sea. Alam Kita provides retreats in the field of awareness and meaning. You can participate in our transforming Yoga retreats with guided meditation sessions, moments of silence, massages, personal coaching, a snorkeling tour, and inspiring and creative workshops. Alam Kita is also a wonderful place to relax, rest, and recharge after a trip through Indonesia.

Alam Kita works with enthusiastic and experienced coaches for body & mind. They love to put people back in their power. Spirituality is also part of our holistic approach. We offer a unique place to get back in balance with yourself.


Welcome at Alam Kita

Alam Kita means ‘Our Nature’ and because of its natural environment, this place brings you in direct connection with your own nature. Directly at the beach, a private oasis surrounded by waving palm trees. Besides all our activities an the Western/Indonesian meals prepared on a traditional way with local products by our team, its first and foremost a place to come to yourself, get in touch with your sentences, have good conversations, and just enjoy living.

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Snorkeling tour

Be amazed by the beautiful underwater flora and fauna

Pure nature

Enjoy the serene natural environment of Alam Kita in peace

Stay overnight

Dream away in one of our comfortable bungalows

Healthy food

Taste the delicious local & healthy dishes prepared on our kitchen

Private beach

Stroll across the white sanded beach with direct access to the sea


Find a the freshest fish on the night fish market

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Yoga and Meditation

Start your day with a yoga class at our private beach


Dream away during the sunset, every day on our private beach

Healing and Massages

Get pampered and get a healing or traditional massage

Reviews by our guests

Such an amazing place, the staffs were super friendly, the food was fantastic. The atmosphere was top-notch! What a gem!

Gî Gîrìñdrä, October 19, 2019

It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever known in Indonesia. The hotel owner Margo is a very special person. Very sensitive and warm. Contribute wonderfully to the ambiance of the hotel or a resort located in a grove on the water’s edge..

Debbie Samuel, October 29, 2019
As retreat, for peace and quiet, or just a relaxing time, that is the perfect haven..
Pierre Yves , October 6, 2019
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