Karimunjawa Island

Karimunjawa is a gem in the Java Sea that has not yet been discovered by many tourists. On this island, you can still enjoy the natural surroundings, white beaches, clear blue waters, colorful fish, and beautiful coral.

Our small archipelago is 80 km north of Jepara, Indonesia, and only five of the 27 islands are inhabited. The park is named after the largest island of Karimun Jawa and consists of a total of 110,000 hectares. Around the islands are beautiful reefs to explore while diving and snorkeling, varying from 15 to 40 meters deep. In addition to the beautiful underwater world, Karimunjawa is rich in beautiful authentic landscapes, pearly white beaches, mangrove forests, rainforest, and a various amount of tropical animals both in the sea and on the island. With a little luck, you will see sea turtles and even dolphins! 

How can you reach Karimunjawa?

Do you want to come snorkeling or diving in Karimunjawa? You can get here by boat or by plane. Both the fast boat (two hours) and the slow boat (five hours) leave from the port in Jepara and the airplane from Semarang. The airplane just takes approximately half an hour. .  There is a fast boat from Jepara that takes about 2 hours and a ferry that takes about 4.5 hours to cross the sea. You can read the current schedule below. 

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The Schedule

Please make sure to always contact us first and confirm the current operating days before planning your trip around this schedule. As the schedule tends to change from time to time.

Fastboat Jepara – Karimunjawa

Monday 9.00
Friday 9:00

Ferry Jepara – Karimunjawa

Monday 7:00
Wednesday 7:00
Saturday 7:00

Plane Semarang  – Karimunjawa

Currently not operating

Fastboat Karimunjawa – Jepara

Wednesday 11:00
Sunday 11:00

Ferry Karimunjawa – Jepara

Tuesday 7:00
Thursday 7:00
Sunday 7:00

Plane Karimunjawa – Semarang

Currently not operating

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