Margo Niestadt

Beating heart of Alam Kita

My dream, to build a place for retreats on the beautiful island Karimunjawa, became reality! A paradisiacal island, in an oasis of peace, where you can come to yourself completely without all the stimuli of daily life. When I first came to Karimunjawa (January 2016), I immediately felt that Karimunjawa was the place for me to settle down and start the next chapter in my life. It makes me very happy when I see people slowing down, finding themselves, relaxing completely so the can get the glint back in their eyes…

Alam Kita provides a place for people to reconnect with themselves. An immersion of love and care from me and my team. ‘Meaning’ and ‘Relaxation’ are rooted through various programs and activities like yoga, meditation, massages, and healing related treatments.

This is only possible while working closely together with my Indonesian colleagues. After twenty years I still speak their language, know the culture, and how management works in Indonesia. This way, working with my team, is an absolute pleasure every day. In a short time, I have been able to develop a great network on Karimunjawa. Not only with the local people but also with foreigners who have started a business on Karimunjawa too. Contact me if you have any time to chat.

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