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Price is € 1.440,- for 8 days/7 nights (shared bungalow)

Would you like to fly free and gain new inspiration on how to live your life from your essence and trust your wings again?

Have you been dreaming about coming to Indonesia and settling down on a paradise island – and spiritual place – where you can be yourself completely and relax deeply, allowing the life force (ki) and life energy (prana) to flow through you again?

Do you feel ‘YES’ in your heart, but does it always seem impossible? At Alam Kita we believe in the magic of this ‘YES’ and in your manifesting power, if you really respond to it. You may recognize obstructive thoughts such as; ‘no money, no time, not allowed, not possible, first this or that’… What would it be like if you think; ‘I will succeed, and I deserve it’! Because, be honest, when was the last time you put yourself in first place?

How many times have you folded your wings to comply? To meet someone else’s expectations instead of following your inner ‘flow’? This already starts at home, in your system of origin. From birth we are all part of all kinds of systems and we learn to adapt, which often causes us to forget who we really are. Then we try to find our own way with our qualities, talents and gifts. But what exactly is ‘our own way’? Is it the path of the personality, the ego and fixed structures? Or is it your ‘dharma’, the unveiling of your true nature?

In yoga we call this the path to Self-Realization (liberation), where we let go of what no longer serves us.

Are you in touch with your true spiritual Self?

Or do you mainly listen to your thoughts and have you started living in your head? How often do you give yourself permission to really feel, be present in your body, not have to control or force anything for a while, but simply BE? Isn’t it our birth right to free ourselves from all the inner blockages that prevent us from living life to the fullest? To let go of what has become stuck and get moving again from our natural flow?

Why this retreat? 

This retreat is intended to inspire you and reconnect you with your SPIRIT being! We invite you to trust your wings and actually have only one wish… that you may fly more and more freely as you were meant to.

Alam Kita will give you those wings!

Retreat content: 

We use various elements from Shamanism, Eastern Yoga philosophy and Systemic (inner child) work, including Family Constellation. We start on Good Friday, March 29, with the introduction. On April 1 we do a New Moon ceremony.

What does a day look like during this retreat?

Every day has a clear structure: the day starts at 7:30 am and ends at 8:00 pm, except for nights with an evening activity. There will also be plenty of ‘Me-time’ in which you are free to decide what you want to do. Think of swimming with a jump from the 110 meter long jetty, Standing Up Paddling, snorkeling in search of beautiful coral or just chilling in the hammock.

The price of €1.440,– per person for 8 days/7 nights includes

  • 7 nights based on a shared bungalow*
  • 8 day program with daily yoga & meditation, excursions, and more
  • Indonesian traditional massage
  • Access Consciousness® Bars treatment
  • Group Workshops
  • An individual coaching session
  • Family Constellation
  • Meditations & ceremonies
  • Jungle tracking
  • Snorkeling & island hopping tour
  • Bonfire on a private beach
  • Diner at the local fish market
  • Transport to and from the harbor or airport on Karimunjawa
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the retreat
  • Unlimited water/tea/coffee**

* If you would like a private bungalow, the costs will be € 1.856,-

** Sodas, smoothies and alcoholic beverages are not included but will be available at the bar

Travel expenses to Karimunjawa are not included in the prices mentioned above and your booking is final after you have received the receipt of your payment from Alam Kita.

Would you like to combine this retreat, for example, with 4 extra days in Jogjakarta? We can help you arranging this. Please contact us for more details.

The Team:

Monique van der Heijden. Monique is an inspiring person and an experienced coach/trainer in life processes. She is also a yoga, meditation & free spirit dance teacher (Spirit Moves). She gives workshops that have a life-changing effect on the ‘awakening’ of our deepest being. For her, love is always the starting point, the path and the goal. Monique guides you from the heart through all kinds of transformation processes. She specialized in the Chakras and Inner Child work and has been involved with Alam Kita from the start. And she is a good friend of Margo.

Margo Niestadt Margo is our host and facilitator. She is experienced in individual coaching, spiritual card readings, answers to questions with a pendulum, and energy healing sessions. Her warm and loving spirit and nature will touch you immediately and make you feel completely at home. In addition to being the initiator of Alam Kita, Margo has developed strongly as a person and has become a spiritual worker. She is trained as a coach/counselor and has gained a lot of work and life experience in various fields. Her qualities are specifically in supporting and enabling people to (re)gain their own strength.

Just ask!

Do you want more information about our Free Your Spirit Yoga Retreat, do you have specific requests, or would you like to organize your own retreat? Contact us through the link below and just ask!

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