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What’s mixing us up?

A (mixed) couples retreat for a deeper (re)connection of your love, a better understanding of your cultures, and lots of fun! Love between two people can already a mystery to many, but what if in addition to that you also have two different languages, cultures and religions. Does that make it easier or more difficult?

Price is € 1.975,- per couple for 7 days/6 nights

A healthy, fun and loving relationship can be a challenge on its own right? Therefore sometimes it does need some extra attention. To find each other again within all those similarities and differences. By trusting yourself, each other and most importantly trusting love. This will be the essence of the ”What’s mixing us up” Couples Retreat. Real quality time together while finding a deeper connection and understanding during a week of fun.  A week full of memories to always remember and fall back on in difficult times.

The Retreat

Do you sometimes run into a wall or is communication difficult from time to time because you can’t speak your own language or you and your partner communicate in different ways? Do you occasionally miss the connection, understanding, or contact the way you are used to?

During this retreat, you will come together as you have never done before and to find out what it is that you have in common besides all those differences. Because that is the essence of love isn’t it? Putting all the differences that don’t matter aside, while understanding each other’s needs focussing on the things that you do have in common.  With various workshops, games, delicious food, beautiful surroundings, a house for yourself, the use of motorbikes, a massage, an Access Consciousness® Bars treatment, star gazing nights, and of course a Snorkeling and Island hopping trip. You are going to have a fantastic week, to always remember and never forget again.

The price of €1.975,– per couple for 7 days/6 nights includes

  • 6 nights one bungalow for two persons
  • 7 days program with fun workshops, yoga, meditations, excursions, and more
  • Indonesian traditional massage or Access Consciousness® Bars treatment
  • Snorkeling & Island Hopping tour
  • A week with coaching and accompaniment by Bente and Margo
  • Transport from the harbor or airport
  • Breakfast, lunch, and diner during the whole Retreat
  • Unlimited water/tea/coffee*

* Soda’s, smoothies, or alcoholic beverages are not included but will be available at the bar

Travel expenses to Karimunjawa are not included in the prices mentioned above and your booking is final after you received the receipt of your payment from Alam Kita.

Do you like to combine this retreat, for example, with an extra 4 days in Jogjakarta? We can help arranging this. Please contact us for more details.

Who are the facilitators?

Bente has been an entrepreneur since 2009, first as an organizer in the Arts sector and later as a workshop initiator and trainer/coach for GetTheLaughFlow. She is a Provocative coach, Laughter coach, improviser, and organizer. A jack of all trades but what really drives her is connections between people and personal development. With a little bit of cheerfulness, she puts situations in perspective and creates space mentally.

Since 2017, she has been in a mixed relationship with Ananda Utama. The classic story, he was her tour guide and she fell for all his “tricks”. They have experienced a number of differences themself. The normal man/woman differences, of course, but also the differences in communication, culture, and religion. Bente has been one of our guests before and describes Alam Kita as: ”A wonderful place to get together and get to the core of things”. Together we came up with a retreat for Indonesian and Dutch couples during her last stay.

Margo Niestadt is an open, energetic, and loving coach who knows how to mirror you through her questions and techniques. She will be able to quickly bring you to the core of things, always in a respectful and inviting way. During this Retreat, you will have a personal coaching session together with Margo. She will put the finger on what both your needs are. Through these coaching session, you can get a lot of insights where both your obstacles/blockages are. Margo intuitively feels what is needed and uses a diversity of tools.

Just ask!

Do you want more information about our Mixed Couples Retreat, do you have specific requests or do you like to organize your retreat? Contact us through the link below and just ask!

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