Spiritual Christmas Retreat: ‘A New Beginning’

Christmas/New Year 2022

You can’t let go until you know what’s holding you back

Do you long for change in your life? Need a new beginning? Make a clean sweep? New Inspiration?

Price is € 1.395,- for 10 days/9 nights

For Alam Kita, everything in you is as a motivation to guide you in the steps necessary to live your ultimate desire. Nothing has to go, everything is already good, because it has made you the person you are now. We embrace everything what is old and new!

December and January are magical months. For some this means warmth, togetherness, sharing and love, for others loneliness, withdrawal and sadness. It is usually a period of being conscious of all the movement of the past year. The difficult, challenging and painful moments, but also the success, joy and sparkle you have felt.

Everything in our lives is subject to change and we as humans are constantly moving from one thing to another. We breathe into the NEW and let go of the OLD. And if sometimes blocks arise along the way, we put on our masks. With people, in situations, but especially through beliefs and habitual patterns. We forget to listen to our inner truth. However, there is always a new beginning, every moment. Fortunately!

There are things you are happy and grateful for and things that are less enjoyable. We invite you to embrace all that is there and trust in that movement of change and that it is all just right as it is. We live in a world of opposites (duality).

New Year’s intentions help you to manifest what makes you feel better. More aligned with yourself. Alam Kita invites you to make more room for those desires and to choose for quality of life. Practice the art of living and learn to distinguish what serves you and what no longer serves you. Themes that may play a role in your life are:

  • Nutrition and eating patterns
  • Relationship troubles
  • Friendships
  • Caring and and get rid of your burdens
  • More quality in your life
  • Stress-related complaints (Burn-out)
  • Loss and grief
  • Other career
  • New love

What are you still holding? What is your wish? Whatever your intention is, may it become a desire of your heart?

At Alam Kita you are invited in this Retreat to be yourself from your core. The entire program is aimed at letting you connect with who you really are by nature and what you deeply desire. This Spiritual Retreat Week is a combination of daily yoga practice, guided meditations, workshops, individual coaching, energy healing, massage, relaxation, rest and excursions.

The price of €1.395,– per person for 10 days/9 nights includes

  • 9 nights based on 2 people per bungalow*
  • 10 days program with workshops, yoga, meditations, excursions, and more
  • Bodywork
  • Indonesian traditional massage and an Access Consciousness® Bars treatment
  • A week with coaching and accompaniment by Margo
  • Snorkeling & Island Hopping tour
  • Transport from the harbor or airport
  • Breakfast, lunch, and diner during the whole Retreat
  • Unlimited water/tea/coffee**

* If you like a private bungalow during this retreat, the extra costs will be € 350,-

** Soda’s, smoothies, or alcoholic beverages are not included but will be available at the bar

Travel expenses to Karimunjawa are not included in the prices mentioned above and your booking is final after you received the receipt of your payment from Alam Kita.

Do you like to combine this retreat, for example, with 4 extra days in Jogjakarta? We can help you arranging this. Please contact us for more details.

Margo Niestadt Margo is an open, resolute and loving coach who knows how to mirror you through her questions and techniques and who quickly brings out the core of things in you. Always in a respectful and inviting way. During this retreat, you will receive two personal coaching meetings with Margo, during which she will clarify with you what is needed for a new beginning. You can gain a lot of insights through these coaching sessions about where your passion/love lies and also where possible obstacles/blockades are. Margo intuitively feels what is needed and uses various tools to do so: Conversation techniques, card reading, getting answers to your questions with the pendulum, meditation and Core Quadrant