Do you want to be my Valentine? Friday, 14th of February is Valentine’s Day, but I’d rather call it Day of Love. In fact, it could be such a day every day …

What is love anyway? And what does love mean to you?

Normally we think of love in a “relationship” but there is so much more love in this world! For me, love is primarily connection. Not only connection with our loved one and our soul relationships but also connection with my family, my children and grandchildren, my friends but also the neighbors, the guests who (for good reason) end up at Alam Kita, the employees of Alam Kita, the woman in the shop where I order the yogurt, the carpenter who is currently building a new bungalow, the casual passer-by, the local people and the tourists who come to follow a yoga class, the varied yoga teachers who stay at Alam Kita, the people I collaborate and develop new ideas with.

Connection with each other, but also connection with nature, the trees, the animals and not forgetting the connection with the souls that have passed over.

Wow, that sounds woo woo!

But I really have contact with souls who are already on the other side. For example, with my deceased partner very regularly, he has become my true guide and he is always there when I need him! He was the one who sent me to Indonesia to set up this project. And here I met very beautiful people who helped me with that. With a lot of love …. When you walk into the terrain of Alam Kita you can literally feel it. And the great thing is that I’m not the only one who feels that.

Alam Kita IS love! Even the trees grow in a heart shape or in a cheerful yoga pose. And the men who made one of the bungalows’ bathroom have completely enjoyed themselves with making the wall.

This is what I also get back from my guests. Both from “single booking guests”, retreat participants or individual people who come to recharge here.

Alam Kita is all about LOVE!

I’m going to spend a night on Valentine’s Day with 3 young women (my daughters age) on an uninhabited island here in the Java Sea. We have many plans and, among other things, we are going to brainstorm on a new project for Alam Kita. Guess three times what that is about … 😊

I wish you all a very (fun)exciting and loving Love Day.

With love,