YinYang Retreat

In this retreat, you will connect to your inner world and we you invite to connect with others from there in a way that feels good to you. Are you searching for inner peace? How about the Qi gong on a deserted beach on a small tropical island? Qi gong moves you and will provide you with energy. A week full of adventure in which everything is allowed (Yang) and rest when nothing has to be done (Yin).

Price is € 785,- for 7 days/6 nights

We live in a dual world, with differences, but are looking for a way to unite. That is where Yin and Yang help us. From the differences with each other, to merge into one. Learning to do by not doing.

During the YinYang Retreat, we will first discover where you are. Is there already a perfect balance between Yin and Yang, or are you more drawn towards Yang (someone who is always on the move)? Are you experiencing resistance towards Yin (difficulty meditating, for example)? From this consciousness, we will seek balance and learn to use both forces naturally so that you can shape your daily life energetically from your natural rhythm.

The retreat

The week starts in Yin and Yang days. On the Yin days, we don’t talk or talk as little as possible. On the Yang days, we do and have a more active program in nature. Of course, there is always room to follow your rhythm and do what you feel you want to do. Later during the week, the days will be divided into Yin and Yang to handle and master the differences and smooth overlaps even better.

In the morning, we usually do Qi gong, followed by breakfast and then a workshop. In the afternoon you are generally free and in the evening there will be another workshop. Included are delicious vegetarian meals three times a day. Vegan is possible as well as freshly caught fish on some day(s). Coffee, tea, and water are available all day. Smoothies and sodas are available for a small extra charge.

These are some of the activities during the week

  • Stargazing in the Deepsky observatory
  • Silent walk
  • Qi gong
  • Meditation (guided)
  • Happy Flow sessions inspired by the six elements
  • Snorkeling & Island hopping tour
  • Laughter experience
  • Free time to relax or explore the island

In the afternoon you have the following voluntary options (for an additional fee):

  • Indonesian Massage
  • A bio-energetic measurement of your body & sessions with the Healy
  • Access Consciousness® Bars treatment
  • Intuitive healing
  • Excursions such as a hike with a guide to the waterfall or a visit to a turtle reserve

The price of €785,– per person for 7 days/6 nights includes

  • 7 nights based on 2 people per bungalow*
  • 6 days Qi gong and various workshops program
  • A week with coaching and accompaniment by Emile and Floris
  • Snorkeling & Island Hopping tour
  • Transportation from the harbor or airport
  • Breakfast, lunch, and diner during the whole Retreat
  • Unlimited water/tea/coffee**

*     If you like a private bungalow, a surcharge of 35% applies
**   Soda’s, smoothies, or alcoholic beverages are not included but will be available at the bar

Travel expenses to Karimunjawa are not included in the prices mentioned above and your booking is final after you received the receipt of your payment from Alam Kita. In case we or you have to cancel due to ‘corona’ you will get a full refund.

Who are the facilitators?

Emile and Floris will supervise this week, they specialize in relaxation and connection. They combine their passions to contribute to a more sustainable, peaceful, and connected society. They do this through Happy Flow sessions, Happy Sound experiences, Connection workshops, Cuddle workshops,  Tai chi & Qi gong, retreats and offering individual sessions. And from 2020 they are certified distributors of Healy. Frequencies for your life.

“Our goal is to make you comfortable in your own body while acquiring insights that you can use at home. Your awareness will expend during the good time you have on the island with yourself and others. It will be a week of fun and reflection, Yang and Yin!”

Just ask!

Do you want more information about our YinYang Retreat, do you have specific requests or do you like to organize your retreat? Contact us through the link below and just ask!

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